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When my nose isn't pressed down to the grindstone on design, you can surely find me chasing around a child or three, cooking or baking, designing--& redesigning & redesigning--our beautiful home, or simply drinking a delicious, perfectly proppa cup of English tea. x4.

My journey has taken me from manipulating my visual world as a child into manipulating my teaching materials as a school teacher, until I realized it could all come together with my Graphic Design education and now - Christine Camarda Design. As I've come into motherhood for the third *and final!* time, I'm living out my design dreams -- every. single. glorious. day.

I'm Christine, and I love what I do.

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My mission is to eliminate for you the unnecessary -  undue stress, paralyzing decision-making anxiety, wasted DIY trial & error time - and deliver a final product that is as captivating & powerful as you are.